The OCEAN control panel possesses a variety of characteristics that make the operation of large wiper units safe and convenient. Next to the standard functions like two continuous speeds and interval control, the following functions are integrated:
  • “Group” Collection of several wipers to a group.
    For fast power on and power off of the momentarily relevant wipers.
  • “Single Sweep” With one push of a button, all wipers are turned on for one run.
    Ideal for removing spray water.
  • “Heating” Turns the wiper heating on/off.
  • “Water/Air” Controls the application of spray water and the blowing of the lines with pressurized air.
  • All LEDs are dimmed at night with a photo resistor.
  • Different special functions like window heating, CVS etc. can be integrated into the panel.
For the largest part, the operating buttons of the wipers can be individually aligned. This facilitates the fast assignment of the wipers to the corresponding bridge windows for the crew.

Do you want to change the type of wiper control?