SEEMATZ Suez-searchlights

SEEMATZ Suez canal searchlights are built specifically for passing through the Suez Canal and certified by Lloyd´s Register of Shipping. Due to its pressurized air equipment, usage on ships with hazardous cargo is also possible. The searchlights are built of seawater resistant aluminium. All screws and locks are made of stainless steel and are high-gloss polished. The protection class IP56 is fulfilled. The Suez canal searchlights are available in 2000 and 3000 Watt. The searchlight with 2000W output is admissible for a ship size up to 30000 SC.G.T. Over 30000 SC.G.T. the version with 3000W is necessary. The searchlight is delivered with mounting foot for direct operation on deck.

Should your ship not already possess additional searchlights on the bridge wings, you require one of the searchlights described here shortly on every bridge wing according to art.30 Suez-Canal-regulation: 351 HGS 230V 500W

An illustration of this searchlight is available here.

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